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Evolving from our founder’s love of ballet into an elevated fitness powerhouse in just twenty years, The Bar Method has since opened over 75 barre franchise studios across the United States and Canada. We continue to transform bodies and bring a healthier sense of self to clients everywhere, and we’re looking for passionate owners like you to help us shape communities one barre workout at a time.







A Bar Above The Rest

Since our inception, the Bar Method technique has been led by science and proven with results. The anatomy and physiology we incorporate into our classes create the unique, precise movements that make the Bar Method technique so special. With elements of Pilates, yoga and other strength training workouts fused into a ballet-inspired barre workout, your clients will experience unthinkable flexibility, total-body definition, and metabolism-boosting endurance that lasts long after class.

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stand out with a strong business model for Your Barre Franchise

Step into entrepreneurship with a brand name known throughout North America. You can enjoy the autonomy of running your own business while having the full support of a proven barre franchise model behind you. Our diverse revenue streams include recurring memberships, class packages, and retail apparel, so you can build an elevated, judgement-free space that empowers both you and your community.

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Diverse revenue streams

Enjoy recurring revenue with monthly class memberships, boost income with class packages, and add retail options to round up your barre franchise business plan.

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Expert instruction

Support your clients with the best instructors and barre studio philosophy in the business. We provide guidance to reach the gold-standard in instruction–which helps everyone continue to pursue their personal best both inside and outside the studio.

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On-Trend Retail

Our expert retail team provides the styles your clients will swoon over, driving in-studio revenue for your location. Shopping can become part of your member experience and increase the sense of community by encouraging members to linger and talk.

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