Why Go From At-Home Entrepreneurship To The Bar Method Franchise


Becoming your own boss and operating a business is no small feat. It is an accomplishment that deserves recognition. For many, that career transition involves starting an at-home business. And while that can be fulfilling, it also has the potential to serve as a valuable steppingstone toward opening a brick-and-mortar business. This is where The Bar Method Franchise fits into the equation.  

Putting Skills to Use in a Fitness Franchise

The majority of the skills required to operate an at-home business are transferable to the fitness franchise industry. We’re talking about skills and character traits such as being:

  • Self-motivated
  • Passionate
  • Customer-centric
  • Business savvy  
  • Financially astute
  • Optimistic  
  • Adaptable

These attributes serve entrepreneurs well, and with The Bar Method, barre franchisees can put these skills to work for themselves while also receiving training and support from experienced operators.  

Gain Brand Recognition

When entrepreneurs become a part of a well-known and respected fitness franchise like The Bar Method, they reap the benefits of built-in brand recognition. The Bar Method franchise knows how to get people talking thanks to our well-established brand and our position as a trend-setter in the barre franchise industry.  

Coming from an at-home business, the level of brand recognition enjoyed by The Bar Method franchisees can be invaluable when starting a barre franchise. Our owners have the strong history, proven model, and expert marketing support to guide them, something they just can’t get in at-home or on-your-own businesses.  

Enjoy More Room to Grow

The Bar Method franchise offers a wide array of revenue streams including apparel, accessories, and equipment, third-party partnerships, and flexible memberships & class packages. These additional revenue streams help our owners diversify their business and offer more value and support to their members. The Bar Method franchise has a mission to help its members get fit and ultimately lead healthier, happier lives and our franchise owners are eager to help make that goal a reality in as many ways as possible.

Our owners even have the opportunity to expand their reach, purchasing more Bar Method Franchise locations over time. They’re able to claim their territories, build their legacies, and improve the lives of their members in ways they just can’t with other businesses.  

Be Part of a Supportive Community

There are many upsides to having a family of fellow entrepreneurs and a leadership team there to help answer questions and overcome challenges. The Bar Method franchise provides ongoing training and support for all of our Barre studio owners.  

Having the support of an entire community of fellow owners, as well as a corporate team, can make all the difference for a fitness franchise. Best of all, The Bar Method is a part of the Self Esteem Brands family. Along with fellow brands like Anytime Fitness, Waxing the City and Basecamp Fitness, Self Esteem Brands provides outstanding support for its franchisees and makes owning a fitness franchise even more rewarding as owners support the mission to improve the self-esteem of the world.  

Now’s the Time to Make the Leap

Going from being an at-home entrepreneur to owning a fitness franchise like The Bar Method has many benefits. From outstanding brand recognition with a worldwide leader in the health and fitness space to more opportunities to grow alongside a supportive community, it’s a better time than ever to own an exciting fitness franchise. Get in touch with our team to discover your opportunity to go from at-home entrepreneur to The Bar Method franchise owner.