What Future Franchisees Need To Know About The Bar Method Franchise


The Bar Method franchise has a reputation for helping individuals get in shape and stay in shape with an empowering and effective approach to working out. Designed for all ages, body types and experience levels, The Bar Method has proven to be a fitness franchise like no other.  

We’re a fitness franchise that owners feel good about

The Bar Method has a proven track record and a built-in franchise model designed to guide franchisees towards a successful entrepreneurial future. From individual classes to recurring memberships to retail apparel, The Bar Method franchise offers multiple revenue streams for increased growth potential, as well as training and ongoing support to give our owners the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

Although being a seasoned fitness fanatic isn’t a necessity for our franchisees, we hope owners have an innate desire to help others to live their best lives. After all, being a Bar Method franchisee is about more than operating a business – it’s about building a brand that focuses on improving all parties’ physical and mental strength.

Our history tells a story

The Bar Method was founded by Burr Leonard, an avid lover of ballet and jazz classes. She was introduced to the Lotte Berk Method in 1981. She became a devoted student and experienced an incredible transformation in her body, which inspired Burr to create her own version of this exercise technique, rooted in kinesiology. Her approach to fitness empowers people of all ages and physical abilities to achieve healthy bodies, minds, and spirits.  

Burr worked closely with a team of physical therapists to refine the Lotte Berk Method, making it safer for the joints and more effective in targeting specific muscle groups. In 2001, Burr opened the first Bar Method studio in San Francisco, California. Since then, The Bar Method franchise locations have grown exponentially. Today, there are close to 100 studios across the United States, resulting in millions of classes taught and billions of calories burned. And this is just the beginning.  

We’re raising the bar in the fitness franchise industry

The Bar Method franchise is a long-term leader in the fitness industry, attainable for everyone, and known to help people achieve their desired transformations. Versatile and effective, The Bar Method is an innovative, full-body workout that targets all the major muscle groups. Elements of Pilates, yoga, and other strength training techniques designed to challenge every area of the body are all seamlessly combined with a ballet-inspired barre workout. We even provide specialty classes, including a prenatal class and a foundational class to help set up new students for success. The benefits of each workout can be felt long after the class ends.

We’re part of Self Esteem Brands

We love the company we keep, and our franchisees do, too! The Bar Method franchise is part of the Self Esteem Brands family, including Anytime Fitness, Waxing the City, and Basecamp Fitness. Self Esteem Brands are experts at launching and operating fitness franchises that are the real deal and have received numerous awards and accolades for our prowess in the franchising space. By providing continuous coaching, marketing support, operational guidance, and more, we have helped launch many successful franchises.  

Now’s the time to franchise with The Bar Method

Now that you know some key facts about the franchise, it’s time to put your dreams of business ownership first! Get the conversation started and learn how you can claim your territory and be part of our franchise family.